Amberjack and Yellowtail In March

I guided two successful fishing charters today (Tuesday) on the Coolcast. In the morning we fished off the reef, where each angler caught their limit of Yellowtail Snapper, averaging between 2 to 4 pounds. The increase in air temperature elevated the water temperature, resulting in a rise in fish activity. A school of Amberjacks then invaded the area, chasing the Yellowtails. We baited the lines with Yellowtails and caught three big Amberjacks, including a 52 pound trophy fish that we mounted. On the same charter, we headed offshore to fish the color change where you can see the contrast between green and blue water. In about 160 feet of water, we caught Bonita sans some smaller Dolphin Fish.

On Tuesday afternoon, I guided another charter group offshore on the Atlantic side of Key West. We stopped off at the marker to snag some Threadfin Herring. I baited a kite with a live Blue Runner and hooked a 350 pound Hammerhead Shark. On the flat lines with the Herring, we managed to have two Sailfish hooked at once, a smaller 25-pounder and a 7-footer. Both Sailfish and Yellowtails begin to pick up this time of year.

Thursday, we are planning a morning trip into the gulf to follow a shrimp boat and fish for the trailing Blackfin Tuna. The Tuna follow the shrimpers all night anticipating a dump of bycatch. We'll be there with light tackle to snag them.

Good anglin',

Capt. Damon Santelli