Catch of the Week - April 4 2014

For the week of April 4, 2014, we have had some amazing fishing in Key West. We’ve caught a lot Mackerel and a few Dolphin fish, and have had successful fishing trips each time we’ve gone out onto open waters. A lot of our guests have been coming from the Northern States, and some from as far as Europe, and we’ve enjoyed all of their catches!

Our catch of the week for April 4 goes to Chris, who was visiting Key West in New York, for catching this beautiful Atlantic Blue Marlin on our Coolwater charter with Captain Damon Santelli, who is all very familiar with the waters of Key West since he has been on them since he was a young boy. This Blue Marlin was estimated to weigh between 50-70 pounds, and almost 5 feet in length!

The larger female Atlantic Blue Marlins have been found to weigh up to more than four times as the biggest males, which rarely exceed 350 pounds. This marlin does not reach sexual maturity until around 2 – 4 years old, and life span differs between sexes. The male Blue Marlin might live up to 18 years and females can reach a whopping 27 years old. Another interesting fact is that the Atlantic Blue Marlin uses its long, sharp bill to injure or kill its prey, normally when the prey is in a school.

To try a stab at fishing the Atlantic Blue Marlin, call to book a charter for your next visit to Key West at +1 (877) 885-5397.