Catch of the Week - March 28, 2014

Fishing in Key West has been incredible this week, even if it has been a little windy. The wind must have brought some great fishing in, because it’s almost been like the fish are jumping into the Coolcast boat.

This week’s “Catch of the Week” for our Key West Top Guide charters is John and Carol. They were visiting Key West over the weekend from Palm Beach County, and booked a charter with Coolcast, and caught an Amberjack.

This Amberjack is particularly interesting because of its sheer massive size. This catch weighed somewhere between 50 – 70 pounds, which they normally are most common to weigh between 20 – 50 pounds. There have been cases of fish reaching 170 pounds.

The Amberjack is notable for having a bluish brown stripe down the lengths of each side, and are found among reefs, wrecks, and oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. These fish tend to be aggressive and are a predator fish, and prey on a variety of fish, like scads and herring, but they also eat crab and squid.