Key West Catch of the Week - September 8, 2014

Although the summer season is quickly coming to a close here in Key West, we are happy to report that the fishing is better than ever. Not a single day goes by without news and pictures of a few more amazing catches from those on our charters. In fact, we have noticed a huge uptick in the amount of fish that are biting on the lines of the many anglers that are Key West light tackle fishing. One of these splendid catches was hauled in by Dan, who made his way to Key West from Texas. Dan caught a Permit weighing in at an unbelievable 40 pounds, which is a fantastic size for that of a permit.

The Permit fish is one of the most popular here in Key West, as it has one of the largest populations of any species of fish that resides in these waters. While it is possible for a permit to grow double the size of Dan's catch, it's quite uncommon for a catch of even 40 pounds. The lengthiest that a permit can grow to is just around 50 inches, though typically much shorter than this. It is due to their somewhat smaller size that they often choose to swim in shallow waters away from the larger fish below, making them the perfect species to target during Key West light tackle fishing.

While Permit tend to travel in medium sized schools, they are often caught when swimming alone. The reason for this is due to the fact that they become much more aggressive when traveling in schools. However, it is still possible to catch them even when they are in groups, which can increase the chances of catching multiple Permit in one outing. Though Permit do look similar to several other species of fish, they are identifiable because of their lengthy dorsal fins and forked tails. These dorsal fins are often the darkest portion of their body, as the rest is comprised of faded silver hues. You will find that permit mainly feed on any sort of small fish, primarily shrimp and crabs.

While Permit are at their most comfortable in warmer waters, they also tend to swim among mudflats and general muddy areas. The key to catching Permit is to use any sort of light tackle, though small crabs do work the best, as that is one of the primary species they feed on. Just be prepared to put up a fight once you have them hooked, as they are much more elusive than they look. In regards to Permit, the calmer the weather conditions, the closer they will be to the surface. As Key West has had plenty of sunny and calm weather lately, this shouldn't be a problem. If you're looking for the chance to test your fishing skills and join Steven as one of our Catch of the Week winners, all you have to do is come on by Key West and sail out on one of our fantastic charters!