Key West Fishing Report - April, 2014

April has started off a little rocky in the fishing area, as the migrating Tarpon are not biting as much as they should be in April and rest of spring months. Although we know that fishing has its ebb and flow, we are a little disappointed with the amount of tarpon biting our hooks! Since fish are respond to air pressure and temperature, so we are getting nervous that this is apart of something larger than we know, because the permit and tarpon haven’t been biting as much as normal.

But there is an upside to this, and the good news is in the waters just off of the Florida Keys. April has been prime fishing for sailfish, and there have been several successful charters in catching the wild predator. The Ultra Grand Slam had two charters in one day that were successful in catching sailfish, and they were beautiful. Other than that, the Coolwater charter has been really fruitful in catching Tuna while deep sea fishing in Key West.

In other Key West fishing news, four fishing bridges were closed this month, due to safety concerns. These bridges were once a part of Henry Flagler’s Railway, and are more than 100 years old. They mostly serve as pedestrian traffic, and fishing areas for local fisherman. If you still want some great fishing, then book a charter with us, visit our website at