Key West Jack Crevalle

Amazing fishing adventures are no secret in Key West! In fact, some of the best Flats Fishing, Backcountry, and Light Tackle Charter fishing can be found in the Florida Keys. Flats Fishing for Jack Crevalle is fun and challenging sport fishing, with the opportunity to use either spinning gear or fly-fishing equipment. The Jack Crevalle is an extremely fun fish to catch!

A rather unfamiliar fish to many anglers, the Jack Crevalle are underrated and extremely abundant. They can be found in channels, following rays and sharks and eating the food they dispose of in their wake. They are a great, light tackle or fly fish that are pretty easy to catch due to their aggressive nature and desire to eat just about anything due to their snoopiness.

Jacks are blunt-nosed, have a broad forked tail, and a distinct black spot on each of his gill covers. Silver with yellow bellies, Jack Crevalle are curious fish and will investigate the moving around of jigs and plug lures. Our Light Tackle Charter allows for fishing with light tackle or fly-fishing. In schools, Jack Crevalle are much easier to catch on fly. The typical size of a Jack can range anywhere from a few pounds to 20lbs and they are a hard-battling fish!

An 8 to 10 weight fly rod or 8 – 10lb spinning gear is acceptable equipment for fishing Jack Crevalle in the Flats, Backcountry, or Light Tackle Charters available in our Key West Fishing Adventures.

Jack Crevalle are a catch and release fun sport fish, not meant for eating, with an extremely gamy taste and texture.

The pristine waters of Key West offer gorgeous scenery, snorkeling, sunsets, and amazing opportunities for casting a line! Experience sport fishing unlike anywhere else in the world on your Key West Flats Fishing Adventure.

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