Spectacular August Fishing

Lately, the angling has been spectacular north of Key West in the Gulf of Mexico. A vast collection of wrecks spot the floor of Gulf, providing structure and habitat for an assortment of sport fish, including Sharks, Grouper, Snapper, Kingfish, and Cobia.

This weekend, I've witnessed the largest schools of Cobia that I have ever seen in the Keys. Twenty to thirty Cobia have been schooling near different wrecks.

In addition to the Cobia, our anglers have been hooking Goliath Grouper, also known as Jewfish. These enormous fish, weighing up to 400 lbs, are often found around submerged structure like shipwrecks. These behemoths bite on jigs with either live or cut bait.

Recently, on our charter vessel, the Coolwater, Capt. Bill guided a client to catch a 36-lb King Mackerel on a 12-lb test line.

Large predators like Bull Sharks are also commonly caught while stalking prey near the wrecks. Capt. Mike even witnessed a rare sight near a Gulf wreck this week aboard the Coolcast: a massive Tiger Shark.

Tight lines and trophy trips,

Capt. Chris Garcia